Conditioner In Shampoo Bottle

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'Who wants smoochy smooch from..'
‘Uh, no.’

I actually like Bear-O

I hate studying ahhhh

Color Palette! More to come!

Birthday gift for a friend in Twitter!

Sugarplum Fairy!

My 4 years old tablet passed away during coloring.. Therefore I made an initial partnership with my mouse. Thank you, mouse.

Palette Challenge #Stopped Counting

BIg Daddy!

Palette challenge #… I stopped counting uhh


[R] Evergreen by pern2048

not really a request but it’s kinda request so tag as request.
anyway character from my twitter friend Evergreen.





I’m currently doing sharecom!

Look! It’s Evergreen with extra slim tall body upgrade! I love it! Thank you XOXO

(via pernucia)

Color Palette! Not stopping until reaching 100

Cheese Cake Cookie

More Color Palette!

Palette challenge with Cecil and Kevin

C.P #5

C.P #4