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Palette challenge with Cecil and Kevin

C.P #5

C.P #4

C.P #3

More color palette challenges!!

Color Palette Challenges!


 허접한 실력으로는 많은 말을 할 수가없네요..

한국어를 이해못함에도 불구하고 따라와주신 팔로워들에게도 감사하고,

핑카미나의 초기때부터 지금까지도 함께해주신분들도 감사합니다.


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I am running with Zombies, run! app about 2 weeks now.. And the story just makes me burst with so many emotions… including fear.

Great motivation for running though. Of all the reasons, every time I run for the next episode.

Oh, and I love you Sam, you cutie.


lol my friend made me more

My friend made me a rose with my drawing!!

Well… Yeah…

I can draw but can’t draw

Tardis(2013) pop up card for my friend(yes, the one who requested this)!
This card was actually quite arbitrary, so there is no particular template for this!
Well, it took about 3 days to plan, draw, cut and fold this. I should take some rest from pop up cards now. Thanks!

Tardis console for my new pop up card..

Gosh I hate that mechanical side

Hello! Avid fan of yours here - I'm wondering if you could also upload the template pictures (like the buildings and stuff) directly on the blog for pure viewing pleasure? My school's wifi unfortunately does not support mediafire and I simply want to feast my eyes on your amazing art. Loved the pop up card btw. Can you make a TARDIS CONSOLE POP UP CARD?! I would totally love you to the ends of the earth if you did :)
larfik larfik Said:






Here you go, avid friend of mine ;)! This is not in real resolution and size, so please download the template only from link in the tutorial.

Aaaaand here is a sneak peak for my next pop up card project :3